The Real Consequences and Statistics of Impaired Driving

Everyone knows that getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle while impaired from alcohol and/or drugs is against the law. Even with all the public awareness campaigns, RIDE checkpoints, and other deterrents, every single day people get behind the wheel of their vehicles after drinking or using drugs. Unfortunately, before they are actually caught by the police, these people average well over 80 times behind the wheel while impaired or drunk. (read more…)

Toronto Police Service Seizes Firearms and Drugs after Police Raids

If you somehow missed the news from the Toronto Police Service in late January, the agency has been involved in an ongoing investigation into suspects believed to be in possession of illegal firearms. As the investigation progressed, new information came to light which lead the authorities to believe the suspects were also involved in firearms trafficking, a very serious criminal offence with strict penalties if convicted and found guilty of the charges. (read more…)

Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer Discusses the Growing Problem with Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs have become a growing problem for lawmakers and law enforcement agencies in the past several years. These types of drugs are created to mimic the effects of actual drugs, like marijuana, but use man-made synthetic compounds and chemicals instead. Many of these compounds and chemicals have been made illegal and included in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

However, the biggest challenge are what is referred to as “legal grey areas” of the law. Some synthetic manufacturers stay one-step ahead of lawmakers and modify their formulas so that as synthetic compounds and chemicals are made illegal, they have already switched to those not considered illegal, even though there can still be serious side-effects for users, even death. (read more…)

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto?

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto?

This question might seem a bit redundant, as most people facing criminal charges realize they need a defence lawyer to represent them in their criminal matter. However, other people do not always feel the need to retain a lawyer because they feel the charges are minor, like shoplifting or driving under the influence.

Regardless of the type of offence, it is essential to remember all crimes – whether major or minor – should be considered serious offences. While the law does allow an individual to represent themselves in court and their charges, this does not always bode well for several reasons, we will discuss shortly. Returning to the seriousness of offences, even minor offences can have serious consequences and punishments, if convicted and found guilty of the offence. (read more…)

Sexual Assault Why Consent Is Important

One of the most common defences given for those charged with sexual assault criminal offences is they believed consent was given by the victim. However, this is not always the case and the accused merely assumed the other person indicted their consent in the affirmative in some manner. Unfortunately for the accused and the victim alike, the miscommunication in regards to consent have led to life-altering circumstances. (read more…)