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Jeff Hershberg now has a location in Vaughan, Ontario, a short drive from Newmarket, serving your criminal defence needs.

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Newmarket criminal lawyer, Jeff Hershberg, provides representation for criminal offences as well as for those charged with Liquor License and Highway Traffic Act offences. Jeff Hershberg is available to conduct bail hearings and reviews, pre-trials, appeals, preliminary hearings, and trials in all levels of the courts in Ontario. He provides representation for gun related offences, murder, theft / shoplifting, fraud, robbery, domestic and non-domestic assaults, mischief, drug-related offences, and any other criminal charge.

The best defence when charged with an offence is having an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer representing you. Having a fearless criminal lawyer who will fight to protect your Charter rights is the first step in defending the charge laid against you. You need a lawyer who will look for the weaknesses in the Crown’s case and who will sit with you to review the case and provide you with the options so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case. The only way to achieve the best possible result to your criminal charges is to have a criminal lawyer who will make sure you are informed from the beginning until the end of your case.

Jeff Hershberg practices solely on criminal and quasi-criminal offences. He represents people in areas such as:

  • Assault: Domestic Assault, Non-Domestic Assault, Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Sexual Assault, Assaulting a Police Officer;
  • Bail Hearings: Bail hearings for all offences, s.524 hearings, Bail Reviews, Bail Variations, Bail Estreatment Hearings;
  • Drug Offences: Possession of Cocaine, Marijuana, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Heroin, Importation, Trafficking;
  • Fraud: Uttering Forged Documents, Breaches of Trust, Impersonation, Falsifying Books, Tax Evasion;
  • Harassment: Criminal Harassment, Uttering Threats;
  • Homicide: Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence Causing Death;
  • Impairment: Impaired Driving, Driving Over 80, Refusing to Blow;
  • Offences Against the Administration of Justice: Fail to Comply with Bail or Probation, Obstruct Police, Obstruct Justice, Perjury, Fail to Appear in Court;
  • Property Offences: Break and Enter, Robbery, Mischief, Possession of Burglar Tools;
  • Theft / Shoplifting;
  • Weapon Offences:Possession of Firearms, Possession of Prohibited Weapons, Possession of
    Restricted Weapons, Trafficking Firearms, Importing Firearms;
  • Youth Offences: All Criminal Offences Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Young Offenders Act;
  • Regulatory Offences: Highway Traffic Act, Street Racing, Firearms Act, Provincial Offences Act, Liquor License Act;
  • Pardons;
  • Appeals;
  • Victim Support and Legal Advice.

If you need a criminal law defence counsel, you should contact Jeff Hershberg.He offers FREE consultations for all criminal and quasi-criminal related offences. Click here to get in touch with Jeff Hershberg.He is available 24/7 and will work around your schedule to meet with you to discuss your case.

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