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When charged with a criminal offence,

You should have an experienced criminal lawyer defending you.

You always want a knowledgeable lawyer who will fight to protect your guaranteed Charter rights and not plead you guilty at the first sign of a strong Crown case. You need a lawyer who will find the weaknesses in every case. It is the only way to achieve the possible result to your criminal charges. Jeff Hershberg will fearlessly defend your case, raising every issue, advancing every argument helpful to your case, and asking every question in the interests of justice. Jeff Hershberg is a criminal lawyer in Toronto, Ontario who provides criminal law representation for bail hearings, robbery, firearm or other weapon offences, theft/shoplifting, domestic assault, utter threats, sexual assault, mischief, drug offences, and more.

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If you have been arrested for a serious crime, your freedom, your reputation — your life as you know it — could depend on the decisions you make in the first 24 hours.

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Domestic Assault, Non-Domestic Assault, Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Sexual Assault, Assaulting a Police Officer;


Bail hearings for all offences, s.524 hearings, Bail Reviews, Bail Variations, Bail Estreatment Hearings;


Criminal Harassment, Uttering Threats;


Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence Causing Death;


Retail Theft Defense, Shoplifting Charges Representation, Theft Prevention Strategies, Theft Offenses Defense, Property Crime Defense, Restitution Negotiation, Legal Advocacy and Support;


Possession of Firearms, Possession of Prohibited Weapons, Possession of Restricted Weapons, Trafficking Firearms, Importing Firearms;


Fail to Comply with Bail or Probation, Obstruct Police, Obstruct Justice, Perjury, Fail to Appear in Court;


Domestic Violence Support & Legal Representation, Sexual Assault Advocacy & Legal Counsel, Victim Rights Assistance & Guidance, Harassment & Stalking Protection & Defense;


Possession of Cocaine, Marijuana, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Heroin, Importation, Trafficking;


Uttering Forged Documents, Breaches of Trust, Impersonation, Falsifying Books, Tax Evasion;


Impaired Driving, Driving Over 80, Refusing to Blow;


All Criminal Offences Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Young Offenders Act;


Highway Traffic Act, Street Racing, Firearms Act, Provincial Offences Act, Liquor License Act;


Obtaining a Pardon, Applying for a Pardon, Eligibility for a Pardon, Benefits of a Pardon;


Direct Appeal, Collateral Appeal, Interlocutory Appeal, Criminal Appeal, Civil Appeal, Post-Conviction Relief;


Break and Enter, Robbery, Mischief, Possession of Burglar Tools;

Jeff Hershberg

Criminal Defence Lawyer

I hear your story.

If you’re accused of a crime, it can be overwhelming. At Jeff Hershberg Law, we listen to your story, understand your concerns, and work with you to build a strong defence. We provide compassionate support and experienced guidance through every step of the legal process.

Prepared to fight back.

Jeff Hershberg is a successful criminal defence lawyer with extensive experience in cases involving robbery, firearm offences, theft, domestic assault, drug charges, and more. He is dedicated and aggressive in his approach and will fight tirelessly for your rights and best interests when you choose Jeff Hershberg Law.

This time, it’s personal.

Jeff Hershberg Law provides personalized attention and support to individuals facing criminal accusations. They understand the impact of such accusations on personal and professional life and are committed to achieving a favourable outcome in court while helping clients navigate personal challenges.


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Jeff Hershberg Law provides personalized criminal defence services, prioritizing strong client relationships. They believe in clear communication and keeping clients informed every step of the way. Choose them for a trusted advocate invested in your success.


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Jeff Hershberg offers clients personalized attention and accessibility. He's available 24/7 and promptly responds to concerns. Whether you need guidance navigating the legal system or a consultation to discuss options, Jeff Hershberg is committed to being there for you every step of the way.


Nationally Recognized

Jeff Hershberg is a highly acclaimed criminal defence lawyer with a reputation that extends beyond Toronto and Vaughan. His expertise and achievements have earned him recognition from various organizations. This reflects his commitment to excellence in legal representation and his unwavering dedication to protecting the rights of his clients.


Continued Success

Jeff Hershberg is a highly successful lawyer with a proven track record of securing favourable client outcomes. His meticulous attention to detail and effective strategies have resulted in countless satisfied clients. By choosing Jeff Hershberg Law, you can trust that you have an experienced and successful lawyer on your side.

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You Have Questions.
We Have Answers.

When you schedule your free consultation with a criminal case in Canada, you should come prepared with specific questions for us to address. Some of the common questions clients ask us are:

  • Can a “tap” or “push” be considered an assault?

    An injury need not occur for an assault to be committed. The force used must be offensive in nature with an intention to apply force. Therefore, in certain circumstances, a “tap”, “pinch”, “push”, or other minor physical action can be considered an assault. An accidental application of force is NOT an assault.

  • How can I get bail when I am charged with a crime?

    You will likely need the help of your family and/or friends to attend court to act as a surety on your behalf. On some occasions, when the charges are less serious, bail can be arranged without the need for a surety.

  • What happens at a bail hearing?

    The Crown Attorney will read in the allegations surrounding why the individual was charged. Oftentimes, the Court will then hear evidence from the potential surety (or sureties). The Crown will have an opportunity to ask the potential surety questions. The lawyer will then make submissions as to why the individual should be released from custody. The court will then decide whether or not the accused person should be released from jail while they await their trial. To release an individual from custody pending trial, the Court must be satisfied that the person charged with the crime(s) will attend court on all his/her court dates, will not commit any criminal offences while awaiting trial, and that the community would not be offended by the idea of a person charged with the specific offence(s) being released on bail. This last factor is generally considered when the offences are serious in nature. More often in today’s society, the onus is on the accused individual to convince the court that he/she should be released on bail pending trial. Under our current Conservative government, more and more offences are triggering the reverse onus provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada than ever before. For some offences, the Crown still has the burden of showing the court why the accused individual should stay in custody until their trial.

  • What kind of sentence will I receive if I am convicted of a weapon offence?

    The type of sentence a person can receive for a weapon offence depends on a myriad of factors. Some weapon offences can carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. Others carry minimum sentences (which means that if the offence has a minimum sentence of one year, a judge must sentence an individual to at least one year in jail). Some of the factors considered include, but are not limited to: i)the type of weapon (for example, weapons such as knives or uncommon weapons will generally result in lighter sentences than firearms or explosives. ii)the manner in which the weapon was being possessed (was it simply in the person’s pocket or was it being held for everyone to see) iii)whether the person is convicted of possession, using the weapon, or possession for the purpose of trafficking or actually trafficking iv) the criminal record of the person found guilty v)the facts surrounding the case including whether there was a Charter violation Many firearm related offences have minimum sentences of three years and up depending on the firearm-related offence charged and whether the individual has any prior firearm related convictions.

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