Toronto Police Service Seizes Firearms and Drugs after Police Raids

If you somehow missed the news from the Toronto Police Service in late January, the agency has been involved in an ongoing investigation into suspects believed to be in possession of illegal firearms. As the investigation progressed, new information came to light which lead the authorities to believe the suspects were also involved in firearms trafficking, a very serious criminal offence with strict penalties if convicted and found guilty of the charges.

Acting on the new information, the investigation continued, which led up to the arrest of three individuals on January 24, 2017 after the execution of five different search warrants for three residents and two vehicles. During the searches, the authorities seized nine firearms, nine overcapacity magazines, fourteen magazines, forty-two rounds of ammunition, and seven grams of cocaine.

The nine firearms seized during the searches included:

  • A Glock 26 semi-automatic capable of firing 9mm ammunition.
  • A Glock 23 semi-automatic capable of firing .40 calibre ammunition.
  • A Glock 30 semi-automatic capable of firing .45 calibre ammunition.
  • A Glock 27 semi-automatic capable of firing .40 calibre ammunition.
  • Two AR carbine rifles capable of firing .223 calibre ammunition
  • A Px4 Storm Berretta semi-automatic capable of firing .40 calibre ammunition.
  • An antique Hopkins and Allen Dictator revolver.
  • A Desert Eagle semi-automatic capable of firing 9mm ammunition.

There were three suspects arrested during the searches. Two of the suspects have been charged with 107 different counts of related firearms offences, as well as four counts each for drug possession with the intent to traffic. A third suspect has only been charged with one drug possession with the intent to traffic offence.

In addition, upon arrest and detainment procedures, it was discovered one of two primary suspects was also wanted by the Peel Regional Police and had an outstanding warrant from September 2014 for the following criminal offences:

  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Impersonating a Police Officer
  • Kidnapping with Intent to Confine
  • Forcible Confinement
  • Robbery

This is just the latest in a series of ongoing criminal investigations by the Toronto Police Service into weapons and firearms trafficking in the GTA. If you should find yourself facing weapons or drug offences, you need to be aware of your legal rights to ensure your constitutional rights have not been violated by the police or law enforcement agency during the execution of search warrants, and other searches and seizures.

Weapons and drug offences carry very serious penalties and facing these without experienced legal counsel is never worth risking your future. Some of these offences have mandatory minimum and maximum imprisonment periods, up to life in prison.

Whether you are facing a simple weapon or drug possession criminal offence or find yourself being charged with multiple accounts, like the above suspects, remember to contact Toronto criminal defence lawyer Jeff Hershberg at 416.428.7360 for a free case evaluation and consultation appointment.