How Legalizing Marijuana Is Impacting the Black Market

Back in October when marijuana was officially legalized for recreational use in Canada, the rollout was rather shaky. Legalized resellers did not have sufficient supplies to meet demand. In addition, many marijuana retailers in various provinces were quickly closing up shop because they did not have a reliable supply of legally grown marijuana coming in.

Thanks in part to these setbacks, legalizing marijuana has not made a huge dent in the black market. Most black market dealers and suppliers are still operating illegally. Part of the reason for this is because many people, who were using marijuana before it was legalized, already had someone they were buying from and continue to buy from the same person even today.

Another reason the black market is not shrinking as fast as the government anticipated, has to do with how the legalized system was established. Each province has a say on how marijuana is produced, distributed, and sold in their province. This has led to confusion between the different models being used.

In some provinces you can walk into a retail store and walk out with your marijuana purchase in hand. In other provinces, you have to submit you order online first before you can receive it. You may have to wait several days for it to arrive at your door or be given a location where you can pick it up.

Furthermore, a regular flow of supply to the legalized resellers is not fully up to speed. Many shops you walk into have shelves that are bare and only a limited selection of product to choose from. Until these government-run shops can ensure their supplies are continual and constant, it will not put much impact on the black market.

Eventually, given some time and refining of the legalized marijuana system, it could start to have an effect on the black market. While the Prime Minister is hopeful shortages will be resolved in a matter of months, other people believe that it could take several years before the black market sales are impacted.

Unfortunately when the legalized system was created, it was designed to shut out current illegal resellers. If the system had been changed to allow current black market sellers the opportunity to become legal resellers, then some of the current problems and issues may have been prevented.

In the meantime, it is important to remember buying, selling, dealing, and possessing marijuana sourced through the black market are all considered criminal offences. In some provinces police are cracking down on the black market, while in others new task forces are being assembled.

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