Tips for Avoiding a DUI During the Fall and Winter Holidays

Labour Day is a holiday that not only marks the end of summer, but also serves as the start of the fall and winter holiday season. Celebrating the fall and winter holidays with family and friends normally means drinking alcoholic beverages to celebrate. Drinking is perfectly acceptable, so long as you remember to do so responsibly.

Where many people go wrong, is they mistakenly assume after drinking they can still drive. With police setting up checkpoints during various holidays, not getting caught is highly unlikely. Who wants to end a fun holiday celebration by being arrested and charged with a DUI?

As you are getting ready to celebrate Labour Day and all of the other wonderful fall and winter holidays, take the time to review these tips that will help you avoid getting a DUI.

1. Ask someone to be the designated driver. Having a designated driver ensures everyone in your group can drink, but still have someone sober to drive them home afterwards.
2. Call a taxi or ride share service and leave the car at home. If you don’t have a designated driver, then take a taxi or ride share service to and from the holiday celebration.
3. Plan on staying the night where you will be celebrating. Ask ahead of time if you can stay the night with your relatives or friends who are hosting the holiday party.
4. Get a hotel room nearby. If holiday party hosts do not have room for you to stay, get a hotel room nearby where you can either walk or take a taxi.
5. Host the holiday celebration at your home. You will not have to worry about driving afterwards. Just remember to remind everyone attending to have a plan in place if they are drinking.
6. Always have a backup plan in case things change. Make sure to have a backup plan, like if your designated drive starts drinking, you call a taxi or ride share service.

Can You Be Charged for DUI when Operating a Boat?

If your holiday party is on a boat, the same laws still apply just like you were driving a vehicle. Drinking and operating a boat is still considered a punishable offence under DUI laws. You will want to make sure to designate someone to remain sober to operate the boat.

Remember to review the requirements for drinking alcohol onboard a boat in Toronto to ensure you boat meets these requirements. If not, it is illegal to consume alcohol onboard. Current laws allow passengers to consume alcohol onboard if the boat has cooking facilities, a permanent toilet, and sleeping areas. The boat must also be anchored or docked and not be in motion when alcohol is being consumed.

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