Why Do I Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto?

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto?

This question might seem a bit redundant, as most people facing criminal charges realize they need a defence lawyer to represent them in their criminal matter. However, other people do not always feel the need to retain a lawyer because they feel the charges are minor, like shoplifting or driving under the influence.

Regardless of the type of offence, it is essential to remember all crimes – whether major or minor – should be considered serious offences. While the law does allow an individual to represent themselves in court and their charges, this does not always bode well for several reasons, we will discuss shortly. Returning to the seriousness of offences, even minor offences can have serious consequences and punishments, if convicted and found guilty of the offence.

For instance, what many people do not know is there are mandatory fines and fees attached to certain crimes, along with minimum and maximum sentencing guidelines. Judges are free to impose the maximum sentence and do not have to follow recommendations made by the prosecution, such as if you agreed to a plea deal and plead guilty to the offence for a less severe punishment. Furthermore, minor offences are recorded on your permanent criminal record and could impact your employment opportunities, the ability to travel abroad, and other aspects of your life you may have not fully considered.

Why Self-Representation Is Never a Good Idea

Representing yourself against criminal offences often results in undesirable outcomes. Things are not always as clear-cut and simple as you could be led to believe by your favourite crime drama series on television. In fact, laws are constantly being changed and updated, so the information you have could easily be inaccurate.

Additionally, many criminal defence lawyers already have existing relationships with prosecuting lawyers and judges, so they are more knowledgeable about how what defence strategies work best for your charges and circumstances surrounding your case. An experienced criminal lawyer also understands the procedural side of law and examines potential violations of your Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Aside from these benefits, a defence lawyer can provide a detailed explanation of your rights and what to expect at each stage throughout the entire criminal procedure. Having their expert advice can make a huge difference between having the charges reduced to a lesser crime and even being able to get the charges dismissed without having to go to trial in certain situations.

Selecting a Criminal Defence Lawyer

When selecting a lawyer to represent your interests, make sure to find out whether they have prior experience for your particular offence. Some criminal defence lawyers, including Jeff Hershberg, provide representation for a wide array of crimes, while others might only represent clients in one or two criminal areas, like impaired driving offences. Your objective should be to find a lawyer, who has experience with similar cases and trail courts. Call 416-428-7360 for your free consultation appointment with Jeff Hershberg to discuss your charges and potential defences today!