JeffHershbergAbout Jeff Hershberg

Jeff Hershberg attended York University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Mr. Hershberg continued his education by pursing his interest in criminal law by attending the University of Windsor and graduating with a Law Degree. After obtaining his Law Degree, he articled for a short period before joining the well-known law firm of Pinkofskys Criminal and Trail Lawyers as an associate lawyer and quickly became a partner in 2008. In 2010, Pinkofskys was transformed into the largest criminal defence law firm in Canada with the creation of Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham, and Angelini, LLP.

Mr. Hershberg has extensive experience at all levels of the criminal court system with all types of criminal offences and charges. He has even assisted with appeal cases presented through the Ontario Court of Appeal. Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Jeff Hershberg, exclusively practices quasi-criminal and criminal law to provide the people he represents with the best defence.

Jeff Hershberg has dedicated his practice to defending people’s rights and breaches of those rights because he strongly believes in the values of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Whether you are facing charges related to drugs, weapons, or other offences, he works tirelessly to ensure your rights have not been violated at any point during the process, from the time of arrest through your court trial, if your case even goes that far. His goal is to guarantee all people accused of a criminal offence receive fair and just due process with the best legal representation from a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto.

Mr. Hershberg has achieved numerous Crown withdrawals and acquittals by being a fearless criminal defence lawyer. He believes the Crown needs to prove its case and charges brought before his clients and does not pursue taking a plea arrangement or pleading guilty as the first option when handling his clients’ cases in most situations.

Jeff Hershberg has an extensive criminal defence background representing the interests of clients facing large scale drug trafficking, first degree murder, robberies, frauds, firearms and weapons offences, drinking and driving offenses, thefts, criminal organization and gang member offenses (Project Kryptic, Project XXX, Project Fusion,Project Flicker, Project Marvel, and Project Corral), bail, probation, and failure to appear in court charges, and other criminal offences, as well as those covered under the Provincial Offences Act.

Mr. Hershberg provides legal representation for people in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario. His past clients have included people from all social backgrounds and income levels. It does not matter whether you are upper class or need help retaining a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto. For most cases, Jeff Hershberg accepts Legal Aid.

In addition, Mr. Hershberg is a proud member of Legal Aid Ontario’s “Extremely Serious Matters” Panel with the top criminal defence lawyers whose expertise and experience allows them the ability to accept Legal Aid certificates and provide legal representation for the most serious types of criminal offences.

Jeff Hershberg prides himself on being easily accessible by his clients and available to answer their questions, concerns, and provide legal counsel by phone and email. He can be reached by calling 416-428-7360,, or through his website.