Vaughan Criminal Defence Lawyer

Criminal defence lawyer, Jeff Hershberg, has a location in Vaughan to help serve those in need of criminal defence. Mr. Hershberg provides legal advice and representation for a wide array of criminal offences, as well as offences related to the Highway Traffic Act or the Liquor License Act with offices in Toronto and Vaughan.

Mr. Hershberg has appeared at all levels of courts within Ontario, we well as assisted with cases before the Ontario Court of Appeal. The best defence one can have when charged with criminal offences is a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defence lawyer on their side, like Jeff Hershberg.

Mr. Hershberg helps protect your Charter Rights and verify that these have not been violated in any manner. Even when the Crown appears to have a strong case against you, it is highly recommended to seek legal advice from Mr. Hershberg before pleading guilty or accepting a plea agreement.

Jeff Hershberg will defend your case, exhausting all means possible, including advancing every argument helpful to you and your case, raising every issue, no matter how small, and asking the right questions fearlessly in the interests of protecting your rights.

Mr. Hershberg provides legal advice and representation for people charged with criminal offences including, but not limited to:

  • Drug Offences: Possession, Trafficking, Distribution, Import/Export
  • Weapon Offences: Importing, Trafficking, Possession
  • Assault Offences: Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Domestic Assault Offences, Sexual Assault Offences
  • Fraud: Tax Evasion, Uttering Forged Documents, Falsifying Books
  • Driving Under the Influence/Impaired Driving Offences: Refusal to Provide a Sample. Over 80, Impaired Driving from Drugs, Impaired Driving from Alcohol
  • Harassment: Uttering Threats, Criminal Harassment, Stalking
  • Theft/ Shoplifting: Stealing Money, Products, Goods, or Personal Property
  • Offences Against the Administration of Justice: Obstruction of Justice Offences, Failure to Appear in Court, Probation, and Bail Violations
  • Homicide/Murder Offences: Manslaughter, Attempted Murder, Criminal Negligence Causing Death, Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Regulatory Offences: Provincial Offences Act, Highway Traffic Act, Liquor License Act, Street Racing, Firearms Act
  • Property Offences: Vandalism, Robbery, Possession of Burglary Tools, Mischief, Breaking and Entering,
  • Victim Support and Legal Advice
  • Pardons
  • Appeals
  • Bail Hearings: Bail Hearings for All Offences, Bail Reviews, Bail Appeals, Bail Variations
  • Youth Offences: Youth Criminal Justice Act Offences, Young Offenders Act Offences

Mr. Hershberg criminal law firm focuses on quasi-criminal and criminal offences solely. While he primarily represents clients in Vaughan and the GTA, he has provided representation for clients all throughout Ontario.

If you are someone you care about has been charged with a criminal offence or you need advice about a criminal law matter, then you need to be represented by a criminal defence lawyer in Vaughan, like Mr. Hershberg.

He is pleased to offer a FREE consultation to discuss to a criminal offence and potential strategies for fighting the charges. Mr. Hershberg makes himself easily accessible to his clients and prospective clients 24/7.

He will even work around your schedule so you can meet and discuss your case a time that best works for you. To schedule your FREE consultation, please feel free to call (416) 428-7360 now!