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Being charged with a criminal offence should be considered serious no matter the actual crime. All criminal offences have one thing in common: They go on your permanent criminal record. Your criminal record could deter you from getting that job you have dreamed about for years or experiencing an extended holiday vacation exploring the European countryside or taking the family to Walt Disney World in Florida. In addition to hampering your future employment and travel, criminal offences result in fines, fees, court costs, and jail time depending on your actual charges

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Brampton criminal lawyer, Jeff Hershberg, represents individuals charged with any criminal offence as well as those charged with provincial offences such as Highway Traffic Act and Liquor License Act offences.


Oshawa criminal lawyer, Jeff Hershberg, provides legal representation protecting the charter rights of those charged with criminal offences in Oshawa. As an Oshawa criminal defence lawyer, Jeff Hershberg’s services


Newmarket criminal lawyer, Jeff Hershberg, provides representation for criminal offences as well as for those charged with Liquor License and Highway Traffic Act offences. Jeff Hershberg is available to


Jeff Hershberg is a criminal lawyer in Toronto, Ontario who provides criminal law representation for bail hearings, robbery, firearm or other weapon offences, theft / shoplifting, domestic assault, utter threats, sexual assault

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  • In R. v. A.M., my client was charged with robbery. He was detained after a bail hearing (which I did not do) and was going to apply for a bail review as the case looked weak until a Toronto police officer told the Crown and myself that my client was selected in a photo line-up. At the preliminary hearing, we finally received the photo line-up and learned the officer had lied to us both. The Crown withdrew all charges against my client.
  • In R. v. K.C., my client was charged with trafficking cocaine and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. At the preliminary hearing my client was discharged of the trafficking cocaine case after the person he was alleged to have sold to testified the man looked very different than my client. At trial, I brought a Charter motion arguing that the Peel officers arrested my client without first doing a proper investigation into who sold the drugs to the other individual. The trial judge found my client’s rights were...
  • In R. v. J.S-D, my client was charged with possession of a loaded firearm that was found in the trunk of a car he was driving. 2 police officers testified, under oath, that they observed my client walk to the car and place the firearm in the trunk right in front of them. After a Charter application, the trial judge excluded the evidence finding the officers evidence not credible. The trial judge, after intense cross examination, found that the officers testimony was just not believable. The client walked out of...